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Welcome to Poist Home, where we redefine interior design by placing mental wellness at the heart of every space. Our design philosophy goes beyond aesthetics. We create environments that nurture the mind, body, and soul.
We seamlessly blend research-backed principles of biophilic design, calming color palettes, and mindful spatial layouts to craft spaces that promote tranquility and reduce stress.
Poist Home Mission Statement


At Poist Home, our products are handpicked to enhance your lifestyle. We select the best trendy products in today's market and offer it to you with a reasonable price.


Poist Home is excited to offer virtual design services. Designing your space should be affordable and accessible. We offer boutique design packages, which gives you access to refresh or redesign your space at your own pace. 

In a short amount of time, our team can provide you with the design direction you need to guide you through your project and help you avoid costly mistakes along the way.


Once you have placed your order with us, you will receive an automated confirmation with the details on your purchase. After your order is processed and scheduled, you will receive an email with details on the fulfillment process and an estimated ship date.

Behind the Scenes

Tye Moore Interior Designer
After four years of studying interior design at The Art Institute of Atlanta, Tye worked for two notable Atlanta-based interior design firms and found herself enamored with hospitality design. Her love for the industry spiraled into a career working within the hospitality industry for over six years. During which time she freelanced as a residential interior designer she enjoyed the flexibility and was able to develop and incorporate her personal style into her clients designs.
Fast forward eight years later, Tye made a life changing decision to make her passion official; Poist Home was created in July 2022 to facilitate her love for décor, functional design and service. Poist Home was inspired by the word poised, referring to one of Tye's most prominent traits. Tye is a woman who knows how to remain calm and collected even in the most stressful situations. Her brand was curated to reflect that.
Tye has a keen eye for detail and a knack for creating sophisticated spaces that are grounded in simplicity. She understands her clients needs and curates designs that are functional and aesthetically captivating. Her signature style is a unique blend of modern luxury and transitional designs, that are not only beautiful but also functional and timeless. Tye takes pride in her ability to create spaces that reflect each client’s personality and lifestyle while still maintaining the integrity of their home.
Her belief is that your interior space is your sanctuary. Your home plays an important role in how you feel and contributes to your well being; it's a place where you can escape from the world and be yourself. Tye enjoys working with clients who are looking for more than just new furniture, but also a desire to create a space that reflects their true selves.

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Why wait any longer? Let's bring your dream space to life or give it a remarkable makeover! Together, we can transform your vision into reality and create a space that exceeds your expectations. So, don't hesitate – let's get started on this exciting journey today!